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About Rasika Singh

Hi! My name is Rasika and I’m a junior General Biological Sciences major at the University of Maryland. I care deeply about this issue because, as a woman that wants to enter the health field, it relates to what I’m passionate in life for. Planned Parenthood is important to me because I want everyone —  man, woman, nonbinary, etc — to have the resources to take care of themselves, regardless of health insurance or billing money. Planned Parenthood provides a safe-space for women that other organizations often fail to do, and it’s imperative that we do everything in our power to protect the nonprofit. Through this blog, I want to research and highlight all of the reasons that being pro-Planned Parenthood is the right ideology. With aspects of Planned Parenthood, such as funding, being threatened, it is important that I do my part to make sure that everyone is educated on Planned Parenthood so that the decisions we make are sound.


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