Refutation · Week 1

Dear Anti-Abortion Taxpayer: Worry not!

When the name Planned Parenthood arises in conversation, many become one of two things: enraged or shamed. The reason this organization has been regarded so controversially is because of the prominent stance they take on the controversial subject that can divide a room: abortion. The purpose of this blog is to defend the funding of Planned Parenthood because of the many crucial services they provide, and that is the primary focus of today’s post.

Though Planned Parenthood is strongly associated with abortion, the procedure is only 3% of their services, leaving a whopping 97% of services unspoken about by the public. In fact, the service that Planned Parenthood performs the most is STI/STD testing and treatment, which is not often brought up by the opposition.


Now, we know the problem that many against Planned Parenthood have is not always the abortions being performed, but rather the tax-dollars they believe are coming out of their paychecks to fund these procedures. This is not a small misconception held only by people who don’t fact check or search credible websites for information, but is also held by Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and in turn, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States. Spicer has stated in a press conference, when asked about Trump’s call to defund Planned Parenthood if they do not agree to stop performing abortions, saying they are “making sure that there’s a difference between taxpayer funding of abortion and women’s health services”.

[Trumps’s] trying to make sure . . . that we’re not using taxpayer funds for abortion.

He solidified his position of anti-government funding toward abortion when, few lines later, he states the administration is trying to “figure out a way to make sure that the focus of taxpayer money is spread towards community centers that provide vital health services to women, and that we’re not using taxpayer funds for abortion”.  However, a quick trip to the organization’s website will show this is very much a non-problem because Planned Parenthood abortion services are not funded through tax dollars!


Through this chart, the funding of Planned Parenthood is laid out. This way, if an individual believes the organization should be defunded because of their unfair use of tax dollars, they needn’t worry after their visit to the Planned Parenthood website! In fact, Planned Parenthood wants to make this even simpler for those who like to speed-read and have made the most important points in bold, large font such as this, straight from the source:

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 10.04.13 PM

So, the qualms many people, including Sean Spicer and the president of the United States, have regarding the seemingly unbalanced, unjustified, and unforgivable tax dollars Planned Parenthood uses to fund the morally controversial procedure of giving women safe abortions, need not worry any longer about their money being taken.  As we previously learned, abortions only constitute of 3% of services provided and are funded entirely separate from federal dollars, though it remains the primary argument to defund the organization. However, the issue of defunding this expansive healthcare provider arises an entirely new set of problems, so that’s for next week!


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