Affirmative Argument · Week 1

Why Pro-Life is a No-Go

Planned Parenthood offers many different types of services to women who need it most. They do not pick and choose the services they provide but rather encompass all of women’s healthcare. It is not their position to decide what healthcare resources they do or do not provide. Ultimately, their mission is to help women in need of any kind of healthcare. Consequently, abortion happens to be one of the most controversial, yet medically necessary services they provide for women who do have to make this hard and life changing decision. Planned Parenthood provides clean, safe, and most importantly, medically approved abortions to women. However, defunding Planned Parenthood would ban safe alternatives and would not accomplish the Pro-Life agenda.


Taking away funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides these services, would not only drive women to stop getting abortions but would make them begin to practice higher rates of unsafe, or even self-performed abortions. Many crooked doctors will always offer these services at a very high price and use unclean practices that may lead to injuries and complications. Self-performed abortions are extremely painful, horribly unsafe, and almost always extremely unsanitary. Nobody should ever have no other choice than to resort to that level of desperation which is exactly why the government needs to keep funding for the safer option. Furthermore, according to CNN “more than 90% of the care that Planned Parenthood provides is preventative.” Every year “the organization provides 830,000 breast exams, nearly $1 million cervical cancer screenings, half a million HIV tests, and birth control to 2.5 million patients.”


While abortion is the most controversial topic of this issue, there is a whole lot more that Planned Parenthood offers all women. Taking away funding for Planned Parenthood will not solve any problems but it will only create more and worse problems for our health care system.



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