Affirmative Argument · Week 3

Planned Parenthood Global: Care Everywhere

Although Planned Parenthood is an organization primarily based in the United States, its influence reaches far beyond our borders. While they have worked with other organizations in different countries before, Planned Parenthood launched “Planned Parenthood Global” in 2011, officially partnering with developing countries by “providing financial and technical support for women’s health care delivery and advocacy.” With this new division added to the organization, Planned Parenthood has been able to make 170 strong partnerships so far with similar programs in countries such as Latin America and Africa, where women and families desperately need family planning assistance. Due to these connections and partnerships, the organization has been able to help many men and women in impoverished regions all over the world receive the health care they need.


Men and women in neglected parts of the world who wish to delay pregnancy are often unable to do so because they lack access to the appropriate contraceptives. Planned Parenthood gives them the opportunity to control their bodies and their futures as well. Additionally, Planned Parenthood Global aims to provide sexual education to men and women, assist in complications from unsafe abortions, and provide abortions where it is legal. Proper sexual education is typically not a huge priority in developing countries, so the help that Planned Parenthood Global provides can be a tremendous relief of resources, time, and energy that these countries generally do not have.

“We are an incubator; seeking innovative solutions from our partners on the ground and helping those ideas grow into national advocacy and health care campaigns,” said Latanya Mapp Frett, PPFA’s Vice President – Global.

Now, why is Planned Parenthood Global such an important contribution to countries all over the world? According to their statistics, “pregnancy is a leading cause of death for adolescent girls worldwide, with nearly 70,000 killed annually from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth.” Furthermore, currently half of the world’s population is under the age of 25, so now is the time to help these young men and women start healthy, successful families in the safest way possible.

As part of this new program, Planned Parenthood Global released a brochure called Health Has No Borders which details their missions and partnerships with other health organizations.



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