Affirmative Argument · Week 4

Who Really Needs Planned Parenthood?


Planned Parenthood often helps women who find themselves in unexpected, difficult, and often life-threatening situations, such as abortions for unplanned pregnancies. However, contrary to the standard expectation of this organization’s business, Planned Parenthood provides these necessary procedures for many different reasons and circumstances, ranging from abortion for unintended pregnancies to severe health risks that accompany pregnancies.

pregnant-woman-hospital-SSFor instance, we can take the case of Lindsey Paradiso. A married, healthy woman who had every intention for her pregnancy to be carried out. She was happy and excited to be having her first child until the complications arose. At 20 weeks into the pregnancy, she received the crushing news that her baby would be stillborn. With this devastating news, she had to choose between carrying and then giving birth to an unborn child with no hope for life, or to abort the baby before this traumatic experience. Eventually, she decided that it was best to have an abortion to end both her and her baby’s suffering, which was carried out at 23 weeks, and considered a very late term abortion.

While many opponents of Planned Parenthood believe that abortions are provided to “irresponsible” young women who had unprotected sex, this clearly is not the case. In Lindsey Paradiso’s circumstance, her choice to have an abortion was an unplanned, difficult, heartbreaking one that allowed her to heal emotionally from losing her future child.

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Some women also plan a pregnancy only to face complications and have their own life threatened by it. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says that more than 600 women die each year due to complications from pregnancy and childbirth, and more would die if they didn’t have access to abortion. Planned Parenthood performs abortion services to women who would literally die without it. It is not a choice for these women, it is just as necessary as treating a disease. Pregnancy is not a risk free life event and without Planned Parenthood many of these women would be put into danger.

Planned Parenthood clearly provides abortions for many expected pregnancies, and not just those who do not want their baby. Complications in pregnancy are common and sometimes abortion is the only option. Medically necessary abortions are very sad, but it is a fact of life and women must be able to access services necessary to them.





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