Final Blog Post

The Posts End Here, but the Fight Continues

This wraps up our four-week, comprehensive discussion of the ongoing issues threatening Planned Parenthood. We began with the larger, well-known issues regarding the funding of the organization and clarified the widely held misconception that tax-payer money funds abortions at any public health center in America, but especially Planned Parenthood.


By doing this, we dispelled the argument held by those we call “de-funders” and showed the in-depth system of how funding for abortions is provided to the organization. In week one, we briefly listed the importance of the services provided by Planned Parenthood and a few of the potential results if the organization were to be defunded. By creating this basis, we hoped to give our audience a solid ground for understanding the upcoming topics we were going to discuss.


The next week, we tackled the resulting issues that would arise from defunding the organization more in depth, such as the unsafe repercussions that would be unavoidable without the safe-sex protection and education Planned Parenthood helps provide. We used a striking example of what happened in this exact scenario in Texas and focused on the assumed unsafe abortions that resulting from their primary abortion/contraceptive provider being closed. Additionally, we analyzed the economic impact the defunding of the organization would have on women’s quality of life.


Week three looked at the global impact of Planned Parenthood and the rise in abortions that would occur if the organization were defunded, contradicting the moral beliefs of many opposers to the procedure. This represented the contradictory beliefs of the anti-Planned Parenthood side, something that needs to be achieved to achieve change and awareness.


Week four took a serious note while discussing the controversial HB40 and the life-threatening risks implicated with defunding the vital organization. HB40 is something many people are unaware of or uninterested in, because it only directly, specifically mentions one state: Illinois. Our post laid out the reasons why HB4O should be given attention and support, something that is crucial at this point in time under the current administration. The affirmative argument detailed the saddening but realistic aspects of abortions, and why Planned Parenthood is more than an organization for unprepared young adults.

Throughout this process of covering various aspects of Planned Parenthood, we hope our audience learned as much about the necessary, life-saving organization as we did.



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