Miscellaneous · Week 1

Donate to Planned Parenthood Here!

Donate to Planned Parenthood by clicking the following LINK. Even a small donating can ensure that someone in need gets the quality healthcare that they deserve. Donating can help protect access to birth control, STD testing, STD treatment, cancer screenings, and more! In addition, for all of our economists in the building, donations to Planned… Continue reading Donate to Planned Parenthood Here!

Affirmative Argument · Week 1

Why Pro-Life is a No-Go

Planned Parenthood offers many different types of services to women who need it most. They do not pick and choose the services they provide but rather encompass all of women’s healthcare. It is not their position to decide what healthcare resources they do or do not provide. Ultimately, their mission is to help women in… Continue reading Why Pro-Life is a No-Go

Miscellaneous · Week 1

Become a Clinic Defender Today!

Become a clinic defender by signing up at the following LINK. Clinic Defenders pledge to stand strong in the face of harassment and to fight to ensure that every woman seeking medical care gets it. Clinic Defenders is a Planned Parenthood movement in response to the Supreme Court striking down a potential Massachusetts law that… Continue reading Become a Clinic Defender Today!

Miscellaneous · Week 1

Cecile Richards on The Daily Show

Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood, sat down with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show to discuss the ongoing public battle the current administration has with her organization. The most important take away from the article for this week’s theme of funding and abortions is the section in which Richards breaks down the funding… Continue reading Cecile Richards on The Daily Show