Miscellaneous · Week 2

Ivanka Trump Tries to Ease Tensions with Planned Parenthood After Inauguration

Ivanka Trump sat down with the President of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, after the Inauguration as an attempt to ease tensions between the controversial organization and the Republican Party. She claims to make women’s issues her primary focus, but will she be in favor of keeping Planned Parenthood funded? Advertisements

Affirmative Argument · Week 2

Talking Money

When the discussion of Planned Parenthood arises, talk of money is inevitable. As much as morality, safety, and general ethics matter, we must ask the question: why should citizens be worried about the defunding of Planned Parenthood? Discourse on the organization does not stem only from ethical positions, but also monetary standpoints; we must consider the economic… Continue reading Talking Money

Refutation · Week 2

“De-Funders”, This Might Burst Your Bubble

When the critics of Planned Parenthood cry “Defund!”, it comes from a variety of stances, typically. The largest qualm, as discussed in last week’s post and spoken largely about by the president of the United States, is that many people do not want an an organization providing abortions that individuals believe they pay for with… Continue reading “De-Funders”, This Might Burst Your Bubble

Miscellaneous · Week 2

Call Your Representative Today!

Call your U.S. Representative today and tell them how vital it is to stand with Planned Parenthood! The following LINK takes you to the information page in order to get a call that directly connects you to your representative. In addition, the website has provided a script to help callers. The script is as follows:… Continue reading Call Your Representative Today!