Miscellaneous · Week 4

Robert Reich Thinks That Planned Parenthood Is Economically Sound, and You Should Too! (Video)

Robert Reich, the former United States Secretary of Labor, talks about the economics of Planned Parenthood and why we need the organization. In the video, he explains how Planned Parenthood is monetarily smart for the country and how it helps families. Watch HERE! Advertisements

Affirmative Argument · Week 3

Planned Parenthood Global: Care Everywhere

Although Planned Parenthood is an organization primarily based in the United States, its influence reaches far beyond our borders. While they have worked with other organizations in different countries before, Planned Parenthood launched “Planned Parenthood Global” in 2011, officially partnering with developing countries by “providing financial and technical support for women’s health care delivery and advocacy.”… Continue reading Planned Parenthood Global: Care Everywhere

Miscellaneous · Week 3

Indiana Closed its Rural Planned Parenthood Clinics and Now Has an HIV Outbreak

After closing five of their Planned Parenthood clinics located in rural Indiana, Governor Mike Pence declared a public health emergency following a large HIV outbreak. At least 79 cases of HIV were confirmed leading many to think that closing the Planned Parenthood clinics, where testing for diseases like HIV occur, was not the right decision…… Continue reading Indiana Closed its Rural Planned Parenthood Clinics and Now Has an HIV Outbreak

Refutation · Week 3

Control Over Your Birth Control

Abortion is controversial. This is not something that truly needs to be said or explained, but is an accepted fact in today’s society. This is why one of the largest issues pro-life, pro-defunding Planned Parenthood people have with the organization. They claim that, for their moral standings, they want to defund Planned Parenthood primarily based… Continue reading Control Over Your Birth Control

Miscellaneous · Week 3

One Small Step for Maryland, One Big Step for Womankind

This week, Maryland became the first state to pass a legislative bill that “will reimburse clinics regardless of potential federal government cuts.” With the moves that President Trump has been making towards defunding Planned Parenthood, it’s bills like this that could protect clinics across the country. Read more HERE.