Affirmative Argument · Week 3

Planned Parenthood Global: Care Everywhere

Although Planned Parenthood is an organization primarily based in the United States, its influence reaches far beyond our borders. While they have worked with other organizations in different countries before, Planned Parenthood launched “Planned Parenthood Global” in 2011, officially partnering with developing countries by “providing financial and technical support for women’s health care delivery and advocacy.”… Continue reading Planned Parenthood Global: Care Everywhere

Affirmative Argument · Week 2

Talking Money

When the discussion of Planned Parenthood arises, talk of money is inevitable. As much as morality, safety, and general ethics matter, we must ask the question: why should citizens be worried about the defunding of Planned Parenthood? Discourse on the organization does not stem only from ethical positions, but also monetary standpoints; we must consider the economic… Continue reading Talking Money

Affirmative Argument · Week 1

Why Pro-Life is a No-Go

Planned Parenthood offers many different types of services to women who need it most. They do not pick and choose the services they provide but rather encompass all of women’s healthcare. It is not their position to decide what healthcare resources they do or do not provide. Ultimately, their mission is to help women in… Continue reading Why Pro-Life is a No-Go