Miscellaneous · Week 3

One Small Step for Maryland, One Big Step for Womankind

This week, Maryland became the first state to pass a legislative bill that “will reimburse clinics regardless of potential federal government cuts.” With the moves that President Trump has been making towards defunding Planned Parenthood, it’s bills like this that could protect clinics across the country. Read more HERE. Advertisements

Miscellaneous · Week 2

Call Your Representative Today!

Call your U.S. Representative today and tell them how vital it is to stand with Planned Parenthood! The following LINK takes you to the information page in order to get a call that directly connects you to your representative. In addition, the website has provided a script to help callers. The script is as follows:… Continue reading Call Your Representative Today!

Miscellaneous · Week 1

Donate to Planned Parenthood Here!

Donate to Planned Parenthood by clicking the following LINK. Even a small donating can ensure that someone in need gets the quality healthcare that they deserve. Donating can help protect access to birth control, STD testing, STD treatment, cancer screenings, and more! In addition, for all of our economists in the building, donations to Planned… Continue reading Donate to Planned Parenthood Here!

Miscellaneous · Week 1

Become a Clinic Defender Today!

Become a clinic defender by signing up at the following LINK. Clinic Defenders pledge to stand strong in the face of harassment and to fight to ensure that every woman seeking medical care gets it. Clinic Defenders is a Planned Parenthood movement in response to the Supreme Court striking down a potential Massachusetts law that… Continue reading Become a Clinic Defender Today!