Miscellaneous · Week 4

Planned Parenthood Funds are Safe in PA and NJ

Ya heard it here first folks. Despite President Trump signing a law to pull funding for Planned Parenthood last week, the providers for these services in Pennsylvania and New Jersey won’t be affected. Read the article to find out more: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/politics/presidential/president-trump-defund-planned-parenthood-pa-nj-safe.html?mobi=true

Miscellaneous · Week 4

First MD, Now PA & NJ

Following suit with Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are protecting their funding to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, following the law Trump signed repealing the protection Obama’s Title X provided. These distributors of Title X funds pledge to keep their funding independent, claiming ““I think all of us recognize the importance of Planned Parenthood in… Continue reading First MD, Now PA & NJ

Miscellaneous · Week 4

Robert Reich Thinks That Planned Parenthood Is Economically Sound, and You Should Too! (Video)

Robert Reich, the former United States Secretary of Labor, talks about the economics of Planned Parenthood and why we need the organization. In the video, he explains how Planned Parenthood is monetarily smart for the country and how it helps families. Watch HERE!

Miscellaneous · Week 3

Indiana Closed its Rural Planned Parenthood Clinics and Now Has an HIV Outbreak

After closing five of their Planned Parenthood clinics located in rural Indiana, Governor Mike Pence declared a public health emergency following a large HIV outbreak. At least 79 cases of HIV were confirmed leading many to think that closing the Planned Parenthood clinics, where testing for diseases like HIV occur, was not the right decision…… Continue reading Indiana Closed its Rural Planned Parenthood Clinics and Now Has an HIV Outbreak