Refutation · Week 4

HB40 is 4 Everyone

Much of the heat surrounding abortions often gets directed at Planned Parenthood, as they are a major provider of abortions. As crucial as this organization is in regards to women’s health rights, the complicated issue of abortions goes much higher up than this non-profit; women’s reproductive rights are a subject in the White House and… Continue reading HB40 is 4 Everyone

Refutation · Week 3

Control Over Your Birth Control

Abortion is controversial. This is not something that truly needs to be said or explained, but is an accepted fact in today’s society. This is why one of the largest issues pro-life, pro-defunding Planned Parenthood people have with the organization. They claim that, for their moral standings, they want to defund Planned Parenthood primarily based… Continue reading Control Over Your Birth Control

Refutation · Week 2

“De-Funders”, This Might Burst Your Bubble

When the critics of Planned Parenthood cry “Defund!”, it comes from a variety of stances, typically. The largest qualm, as discussed in last week’s post and spoken largely about by the president of the United States, is that many people do not want an an organization providing abortions that individuals believe they pay for with… Continue reading “De-Funders”, This Might Burst Your Bubble