Affirmative Argument · Week 4

Who Really Needs Planned Parenthood?

  Planned Parenthood often helps women who find themselves in unexpected, difficult, and often life-threatening situations, such as abortions for unplanned pregnancies. However, contrary to the standard expectation of this organization’s business, Planned Parenthood provides these necessary procedures for many different reasons and circumstances, ranging from abortion for unintended pregnancies to severe health risks that… Continue reading Who Really Needs Planned Parenthood?

Miscellaneous · Week 4

First MD, Now PA & NJ

Following suit with Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are protecting their funding to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, following the law Trump signed repealing the protection Obama’s Title X provided. These distributors of Title X funds pledge to keep their funding independent, claiming ““I think all of us recognize the importance of Planned Parenthood in… Continue reading First MD, Now PA & NJ

Refutation · Week 4

HB40 is 4 Everyone

Much of the heat surrounding abortions often gets directed at Planned Parenthood, as they are a major provider of abortions. As crucial as this organization is in regards to women’s health rights, the complicated issue of abortions goes much higher up than this non-profit; women’s reproductive rights are a subject in the White House and… Continue reading HB40 is 4 Everyone

Miscellaneous · Week 4

Robert Reich Thinks That Planned Parenthood Is Economically Sound, and You Should Too! (Video)

Robert Reich, the former United States Secretary of Labor, talks about the economics of Planned Parenthood and why we need the organization. In the video, he explains how Planned Parenthood is monetarily smart for the country and how it helps families. Watch HERE!